February 2019 Newsletter


On Going Events:

Tuesday evenings: 4 - 6pm. Pistol Shooting

Thursday evening: 4 - 7pm. Archery


April 10 – Turkey Seminar 6pm, Paul Smiths College
April 26 – Turkey Seminar 7pm, Woods & Waters
April 30 – Franklin County Federation Meeting 7pm, Pack Basket

Please welcome our new members: No new members this month.

Club Bi-Law Changes APPROVED: Article 2 – MEMBERSHIP – Admission – All applications shall be submitted to the membership secretary and be accompanied by the annual dues fees. *Removed stipulation that required the applicant to be recommended and the application signed by a member in good standing. Also, new members will no longer be voted upon at regular meetings. Membership applications will be accepted if the dues have been paid at time of submission. Classes of membership – Added a Student class. This membership applies to any person over the age of 18 and who is enrolled in an institution of higher learning. To accommodate the timing of student semesters, these members will be offered six-month terms (January-June & July-December), instead of the regular January-December terms. They will be entitled to all rights and privileges of the club, except voting rights.

Membership Renewals: – **Members can now renew online. Please go to the Club webpage at to renew your membership! Or, please mail your renewals to PO Box 588, Saranac Lake, NY 12983. Do not leave at the club house or try to drop off at Blue Line. .

Important Contact Info:

President: Dustin Martin - - 518-207-7283
Vice President: Tom Cleator - 603-832-3488
Treasurer: Theresa Trudell - - 518 891 4505
Secretary: Matt Glaude 518-637-7983
Membership Secretary: Ralf Hartmann -
Board Member: Walt Kellam - - 518 523 6736
Board Member: Al Fuller - - 518 201 4018
Board Member: Leon Fredericks - - 518 523 1174
Board Member: Claude Premo - - 518 891 3580
Board Member: Dick Mose 518-891-3987
Board Member: Jim Jones - 518-891-4586

Saranac Lake Fish & Game Club
P.O. Box 588, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 · 518-891-2560

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