November 2018 Newsletter


On Going Events

Monday evenings: 4 - 7pm. 22 Caliber Shooting

Tuesday evenings: 4 - 6pm. Pistol Shooting

Thursday evening: 4 - 7pm. Archery (Soon to move inside)


October 31 – Board Meeting

November 1 – All member meeting

November 17 – Clean the club day

November 22 – rental – ranges closed 11/21, 7PM to Noon 11/23

December 5 – Board Meeting

December 6 – All member meeting

December 18 – Federation Meeting – place TBA

December 22 – Annual Pie sale

Please welcome our new members: Cassandra L. Dimarino, Darren Foster, Daniel G. Groves, Hunter Ibinez, Chris Segard.

Club Clean Up Day There are a few things on the list. Mainly it’s just a day to make the place look nice before the cold sets in. Dusting, floor washing, window insulation, kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning are all examples. Products to clean will be there. Coffee and donuts – 9 am start.

Pot Luck Dinner – Will be December 7th. Bring a dish, share companionship, see old friends and make some new ones. Try out a few dishes – get recipes for the most yummy.

Summer Camp – We sponsor two children. If you ou have a child that would like to go, please contact Ralf Hartman for an application. Our Board will review all the apps, select the children in early January. See below for info on dates and ages for Camp Colby. If there is interest in another of NYS DEC Camps, info can be found at the DEC web site: We will sponsor campers to these camps as well, they do not have to attend Colby.

2019 Camp Colby Registration 11-13 and 14-17 Year olds
  Week 1 11-13 yr Week 2 11-13 yr Week 3 11-13 yr Week 4 11-13 yr Week 5 11-13 yr Week 6 14-17 yr Week 7 14-17 yr
Dates June 30-July 5 July 7-12 July 14-19 July 21-26 July 28-Aug. 2 Aug. 4 - 9 Aug. 11-16
Boys Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Girls Available Available Available Available Available Available Available

Elections – These will be held in December. If you would like to run for an officer or the Board, please contact Dick Mose. Please take the time to come on December 6th to vote. Your support is needed.

Pie Sale – This is approaching quickly. Bob Brown counts on volunteers to keep this successful. Come to December 6 meeting, take home part of our membership list to make calls asking for HOMEMADE pies. Bake on Friday and bring your pie Saturday at Coakley Hardware. Bring one home for your Christmas Dinner. Help make this event successful.

Your DUES RENEWALS will be coming out soon. Please mail your renewals to PO Box 588, Saranac Lake, NY 12983. Do not leave at the club house or try to drop off at Blue Line.

There was a hunting fatality in our area this year. Just a reminder to be safe. Consider taking a hunter safety course to refresh your safety knowledge.

If you have feedback, please contact one of us. This is your club, we represent you. If we don’t hear anything, we can only believe you are satisfied. To help us make it better, talk to us or come to a meeting.

Sporter rifle (Monday) and Archery (Thursday) are ongoing. Stop by and see what fun these people are having. Organized Pistol shooting will be coming. Anyone who would like to shoot their pistols are welcome to come down on Tuesday evenings.

Important Contact Info:

President - Dustin Martin - - 518-207-7283
Vice President - Steve Buzzell - 518-891-1000
Treasurer - Theresa Trudell - - 518 891 4505
Secretary - Tom Cleator - 603-832-3488
Membership - Claude Premo - - 518 891 3580
Board Member - Walt Kellam - - 518 523 6736
Board Member – Matt Glaude 518-637-7983
Board Member - Al Fuller - No e-mail - 518 201 4018
Board Member - Leon Fredericks - - 518 523 1174
Board Member - Kenneth Casler 518-891-1078
Board Member - Dick Mose 518-891-3987

Saranac Lake Fish & Game Club
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